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  • Dealers Announcement Meeting

  • To re-energize its large but disparate dealer group, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles turned to Spinifex Group and Synchrony to create a production at a dealer event that would wow participants and ignite their enthusiasm for FCA’s world-class brands.

    Spinifex and Synchrony treated the show as a theatrical play, one that would truly entertain audiences. Each FCA brand represented a different act and the vehicles themselves were actors in the brand narrative.

    Their creation was so powerful that it spurred FCA to unleash a similar experience at the Detroit Auto Show, this time with the help of George P. Johnson.

    The collaboration between Spinifex, Synchrony, and GPJ paid off massively for FCA. There’s more in store. Stay tuned.

    • Dealers Announcement Show

      Case study overviewing the 2015 Dealers Announcement Show and the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.