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  • Honda

    Dream Machine
  • How do you bring Honda’s long-running “Power of Dreams” platform to life at auto shows teaming with car companies clamoring for attention? Create a dream machine, of course.

    That’s just what Project Worldwide agencies Spinifex Group and George P. Johnson did last year to illustrate how the high-tech automaker enhances mobility and increases joy in consumers’ lives.

    The agencies partnered to create the Honda Dream Core, an interactive experience featuring a smoke cannon that allowed users to share their personal dreams. A series of questions allowed each experience to be unique and provide a way for Honda to suggest the perfect car to potential buyers. After taking a selfie, users shot their dream through the cannon and saw it land on the screen in a puff of smoke. Each user’s image then drifted away to become part of a larger cloud celebrating Honda’s brand mantle: “Your dreams are our dreams.”

    Thousands of smiling faces filled the screen as auto show attendees lined up to experience the activation. The result: a 50 percent increase in time spent in the Honda exhibit and a 40 percent increase in dealer leads.

    Dreams do come true.