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  • Mountain Dew Dewshine Tour

  • To introduce PepsiCo's new beverage Dewshine to the marketplace, Mountain Dew tapped award-winning creative studio Motive to develop an integrated launch campaign.

    Motive kicked off the Dewshine campaign with a commercial starring a motley crew of back-roads renegades working to rekindle the fire that came from Mountain Dew's rebel roots.

    After the spot went live, Motive took Dewshine on tour along the Dixie Highway, an old, iconic southern moonshine trail. The agency transformed three vintage vehicles to make the trip, and each sampling stop along the highway was complete with unique experiences to amplify the mood of the campaign. The Dewshine tour ended at Bristol Motor Speedway where legendary racecar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined the fan frenzy.

    The campaign won an Ex Award for 'Best Sampling Campaign' and a Sports Clio for the Bristol Motor Speedway activation.

    • Rebel Spirit Dewshine Mountain Dew

      The spot that kicked off the Dewshine campaign.