5 Things You Need to Know About CES 2024

Each year CES pushes the envelope of innovation further, and 2024 is no different, bringing things to life that we could only imagine.  

From automotive tech, to streaming, to gadgets, here’s a peek into some of the most buzz-worthy happenings on the ground.

1. ‘Cars’ will never be the same 

Believe it or not, there is literally a flying car! 

Supernal, Hyundai’s Advanced Air Mobility company, has redefined mobility to create a future where the skies above us become the roads of tomorrow. After first introducing the concept in 2020, Supernal has now unveiled the S-A2 vehicle designed to bring advanced air mobility to the masses. Following rigorous testing of 100+ different models, Supernal’s vehicle can cruise up to 1,500 feet at 120 MPH, is “as quiet as a dishwasher”, and can travel ~25-40 miles at a time. The 600+ person team has worked with top-tier experts in the transportation sector to hone in on safety, sustainability, scalability, and customer experience. By utilizing Hyundai’s manufacturing capabilities, the S-A2 takes the best of an airplane experience and mixes it with the convenience of a helicopter. 

In reality, it’s time to start rethinking our concept of vehicles and mobility overall. A car is no longer just a car. An aircraft is no longer just an aircraft. It’s not about the hardware anymore, but more so about the technology powering it. Those Sci-Fi movies about the future are actually real life now. 

We’re even seeing software companies team up with automotive brands to create original cars. Everyone from Amazon, to BlackBerry, Google, and Sony has a partnership to power vehicles with its unique technology. With facial recognition and content displays on the exterior of cars, there are endless opportunities for personalization and connectivity for drivers and passengers. 

It’s only a matter of time before your favorite software brand has a car, scooter, and or bike. Talk about connectivity!

2. Netflix is causing chaos

There was a lot of anticipation for Netflix’s first-ever exhibition on the main floor to see what the streaming platform could bring to CES. During the 1-hour long wait, attendees are provided stickers to cover the cameras on their phones in order to protect the top-secret experience, and guided to “prepare to experience the chaotic era.” 

Inside the booth is a VR experience with a featured trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series, “3 Body Problem”, from the same creators of “Game of Thrones.” 

By releasing a trailer for a new show and an immersive experience, Netflix brings a refreshing moment of entertainment to the floor amidst a flurry of product demos. Overall, the experience leaves lots of questions and builds suspense to keep the conversation going. 

In the coming years, it’ll be interesting to see how (and if) streaming platforms start to show up with advanced previews and more.

3. Tesla has its own tunnel

The simplest, most obvious, marketing concept is always the best. Tesla has 100 cars/drivers on standby all day providing rides to designated checkpoints throughout the event grounds. Rides are free, quick, easy, and utilize an exclusive underground tunnel. 

This transforms the concept of a standard shuttle and inspires new ways to make large-scale transportation a personal and fun experience. Not to mention, it’s an effortless plug to attract new Tesla users and demo the various models without a formal exhibit. 

We’re told the #69 car is bedazzled with glitter and paint as a cheeky joke, courtesy of Elon Musk himself! 

4. TVs are invisible now

Apparently if your TV screen isn’t translucent, you’re basic. Samsung and LG are heavy hitters on the floor, sparking lots of chatter, after debuting completely transparent display screens. Despite the reduction in material, the picture is stronger and brighter than ever. We’re still on the fence about whether this is an interior designer’s dream or nightmare — but it is absolutely cutting edge.  

Less (or really, nothing) is more, even when it comes to TVs.

5. Doctors are making a new type of house call

We all know that Covid-19 totally revolutionized the healthcare industry. One of the revolutions is the Withings BeamO. The new 4-in-1 device functions as a stethoscope, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and ECG monitor to provide a complete at-home checkup. Users can independently run a series of tests to not only share results directly with doctors, but also meet with doctors virtually all within an app. 

This is an incredible development for the French-based company, which just last year, introduced a urine analyzer that can screen for pregnancy and cancers. 

Technology and medicine continue to complement one another in the most meaningful ways.

It will be tough to come back down to reality after living in the future, but we can assure you the future is already here. It looks promising and is very, very cool. 

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